13 Things I learned in March + updated method

I started sharing learnings on Twitter every day

  1. You can buy paper plates made out of pressed leaves. Shop
  2. The sweetest watermelon in the South was thought to be extinct. But it was found and is coming back. And the original seeds came from a Scottish captain who gave an American Revolutionary War prisoner John Franklin Lawson a wedge of watermelon that was so succulent, he saved every seed. When he got home to Georgia, Lawson planted the seeds and grew a popular watermelon. NPR
  3. 10 of the top 10 (so all of them) fastest growing cities are in Africa. Twitter
  4. You can create anchor links in Medium with a Chrome plugin. Chrome Store
  5. It takes 3 years from asparagus to go from seed to harvest. Modern Farmer
  6. Ultra violet light causes some flowers to glow in strange sci fi patterns. Nat Geo
  7. An anonymous group gave charities over 56 million dollars in Bitcoin. Philanthropy
  8. A ship with 8 autonomous subs is searching for Malaysia Flight 370. Economist
  9. Tokyo’s Shinjuku station subway station is the world’s busiest. 36 platforms. 200 exits. 3.7 million users a day. Twitter
  10. The moiré effect (what happens when you take a picture of the screen) is used in marine lights to guide ships home. (Really cool, watch it) YouTube
  11. All the starlings in the US came from Eugene Schieffelin who released 100 in New York because he wanted to see the same birds that Shakespeare saw out his window. Farnam Street
  12. Two things I learned today 1. Urchin is an old English word meaning ‘hedgehog’. So sea urchin could have been called ‘sea hedgehogs’ — https://www.etymonline.com/word/echidna
  13. The Nazi’s unknowingly selected a photograph of a Jewish baby as their Aryan poster child. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hessy_Levinsons_Taft

I found Patrick on Twitter sharing what he learns every day. I really like this:

So I decided to start doing it myself.

You can search the #2TILT (2 things I learned today) to find others sharing like this as well.

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