100 days until the first day of summer

#SummerBod2018 kicks off now. An experiment

Day 1

Nutrition: Half a Cafe Rio salad for lunch. Chicken, broccoli, a few chips and salsa for dinner.

Workout: 40 pushups (off day)

Day 2

Nutrition: Greek yogurt, banana, half cup of berries, half tablespoon honey

Chicken, broccoli, tablespoon BBQ sauce

Small slice of chicken pot pie

1 inch by 1 inch brownie

Workout: Pullups


2000 ft rope climb

6 mile stationary bike

Day 3


brisket + pork belly sandwich

slice of chicken pot pie

2 inch by 3 inch pie of moon pie (pastry, pudding, whipped cream)

Workout: 30 pushups

Day 4 March 16th

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

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