10 ideas a day in 2017

A year of writing down ideas…

This whole year I have been trying to write down 10 ideas a day. Some days I get all 10. Some I get a few and sometimes I don’t write down any. Ideally if I did this every day I would have 300 ideas every month, 300 x 12 = 3,600 ideas a year. So how did I do (so far)?

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2017 Ideas

Here is each months list of ideas write up.

A cooking/game show, Utah coloring books, and giant fluffy octopus pillows

Ninja Turtle Life Jackets, and breakfast Sushi

Video based car repair shops, Warby Parker for pillows and a video game climbing gym

Crowdfunded movies, and drawing dinosaurs

Custom company luchador masks, and books about grapefruit

Cinnamon roll nachos, Airplane Mode App

3D printed marble tracks, and personal happy meters

Mini travel flags, lightbulb replacement service, and lost pet clearing house

Scientific principle coloring books, vampire iPhone plugs, and minky fabric lined sweatpants

Sushi menu similarity analysis, Ice Cream Cone Duels, and ‘Will it Jam’

Donut Candles, fire detection drones, and Airpod feathers

3d printing toy railroad tracks, power drill scrubbing heads, and Mystery Chocolate boxes🎄

2017 Analysis

I am ignoring the fact that months have different numbers of days and picking 30 as the baseline. So everything is 30 days x 10 ideas = 300 ideas a month.

56 ideas / 300 = 18%

108 ideas / 300 = 36%

70 ideas = 23%

23 ideas = 7%

25 ideas = 8%

74 ideas = 24%

38 ideas = 12%

64 ideas = 21%

36 ideas = 12%

60 ideas = 20%

67 ideas = 22%

119 ideas = 38%



741/3,600= 20%

The beginning of the year was strong. This last half of the year is going pretty good, but I could do better. Strong back half of the year. Ended with 20% on the year. Not bad! And I really enjoyed the whole process.

I am also building a small website to track the results that I will be building out and improving. http://joshdance.me/100/Day7/

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.

Code, design, cook. Make stuff. Cookies. @BYU grad.